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Welcome Shilei

Shilei Lin completed his master's degree in computer science from McGill University in Montreal. He has developed a passion for efficient algorithms and gained software development experience through previous jobs and academic pursuits. When he's not working, he enjoys playing City Skylines and has accumulated over 3000 hours of playtime. Additionally, he enjoys practicing piano in his free time. 

Shilei is eager to start working with his new team at echosonic!


What is happening at echosonic


echosonic is growing, welcome Diel, Danilo and Thierry to join the R&D team!

Hopf physical reservoir computer for reconfigurable sound recognition
Shougat et al. (2022)

New preprint alert: congratulations on the recent submission of the work documenting audio recognition using echosonic technology to axXiv! Paper link is here !

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Congratulations on the official incubation of echosonic to TandemLaunch !


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