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The mission of echosonic


At echosonic, we pursue a greener, securer and more human-orientated future of machine learning. By bringing the machine learning to MEMS microphones, echosonic-backed smart microphones offload the bandwidth and reduce the power consumption for cloud-based human voice and sound event recognition. Without data leaving the microphones, we address privacy and security concerns while achieving exceptional processing speed and inference accuracy compared to legacy smart devices.

The on-edge sound processing is an end goal for the next generation of smart devices, but incumbent solutions are limited by the chips’ cost and infrastructure required to support the ML model complexity. echosonic innovative approach avoids the software complexity by executing most of the computation in the analog and physical domain.

Who We Are

echosonic is a Montreal-based deep technology startup founded in 2022 focusing on bringing machine learning audio processing to edge devices. Why not join our growing list of evangelists? Get in touch today to learn more.

Our Team

Siyao Shao

Co-founder & Technical lead

PhD. in mechanical engineering and specialized in signal processing and machine learning with two patents and over 10 academia papers, Siyao is a dedicated scientist with a strong taste for innovation. His ambition is the driving force behind the vitality of echosonic.


Marie-Eve Desrochers

Co-founder & Product lead

With an academic background in astrophysics, Marie-Eve starts in the startup world as a developer and manager of the computer vision team in a previous project from 2019 and 2022. She leverages her solid technical thought process alongside a profoundly creative mindset to envision the future of tomorrow. Marie-Eve is leading the product development of echosonic.


Khalid Azim

Co-founder & VP of Engineering

Khalid is a veteran of the semiconductor industry with 40 years of experience, leading innovative ASIC development from concept to delivery in touch sensing, video/image processing, GPS and other application areas. ​He has a solid track record of building and managing engineering teams from ground up in several startups, including those with successful exits. Holds a PhD. in EECS from UC. Berkeley.

Trusted partners



Seeking Top Talent

Collaboration and co-development

We are actively seeking industrial and academia partners for both research collaboration, and applications of our smart edge audio processing solutions. Please contact for more details.

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